List of assignments

Homework 1, TeX Source, due Friday Sept 10

Homework 2, TeX Source, due Friday, Nov 9

Common questions about assignments

Written by Jamie Morgenstern

What will the course’s workload look like?

This course will have 3 problem sets (each containing some programming, some writing, and some formal argument), weekly required reading and discussion, and a course project which will be accompanied by a presentation. The final project is more open-ended than the assignments, and most students will spend more than 20 hours on their final project.

Problem sets must be typeset in LaTeX. We will provide templates for the problem sets as a guide for students learning LaTeX.

What is the policy on late assignments?

Students are given a few self-granted grace days, a penalty is applied for further late work, and there is a hard deadline after which no further late work will be accepted. Read our detailed late policy for the nitty-gritty mechanics.

What is the assignment collaboration policy?

Students are welcome to discuss problem sets, but are expected to write up solutions themselves.

The final project can be done solo or in teams of 2. If working in a team, all partners are expected to contribute equally to the effort.

How do I submit an assignment?

There will be an online (github) repository for homework submission. Details to follow.

Course grades will be assigned using the following criteria:

A.. Excellent assignments: each assignment is complete and predominantly correct. Regular participation in course discussions. Awesome final project.

B. Good assignments. > 50% attendance for course discussions. Good final project.

C and below. Several missing or highly incomplete assignments. Inadequate discussion participation or mediocre final project.