For the course project, the goal will be for individuals and teams to read some recent research papers, and either do (a) a survey of the related work on a problem:

(b) do the above, with less of an emphasis on summarizing the most relevant work and more focus on working through some possible techniques for solving some open problems

(c) propose a new algorithmic problem

We’re looking for a 5-10 page writeup, presumably on the longer end if doing work in a pair, and a 10-20 minute presentation. We’ll talk more about these details once people pick groups and projects.

I would like for everyone to do this project either in pairs or individually; please use Piazza to help find a partner if you don’t have one. When you have a partner, or have decided to work individually, please fill in this google form.

with a brief summary of what you’d like to do your project on. Please do this by February 28, so that we can plan how many days we need to allocate for presentations.

Here’s a list of a few topics that whoever emails us first is welcome to present upon. Feel free to invent your own, these are just a few ideas to get you going.