15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation

The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.

Date   Lecture or
  Reading   Code   Assignment

Mon May 21   Overview and Contracts   overview.pdf , 01-contracts.pdf   code   Asst 0 out  
Tues May 22   Ints   02-ints.pdf   code  
Wed May 23   Arrays   03-arrays.pdf   none   Asst 0 due
Thu May 24   Linear Search   04-linsearch.pdf   code   Asst 1 out  
Friday May 25   Binary Search   05-binsearch.pdf   code  
  Testing   19-testing.pdf   code  

Monday May 28   Memorial Day       Asst 1 due,
              Asst 2 out
Tues May 29   Binary Search wrapup   05-binsearch.pdf   code  
  Sorting   06-sorting.pdf   code  
Wed May 30   Asymptotic Complexity   07-bigo.pdf   None  
Thur May 31   Quicksort   08-qsort.pdf   code   Asst 2 due,
  Asst 3 out
Fri June 1   Midterm 1   mt1.pdf   sample solution  

Mon June 4   Memory Layout   09-layout.pdf   None
Tue June 5   Queues and Stacks   10-queuestack.pdf   code for queues, code for stacks  
Wed June 6   Unbounded Arrays   11-ubarrays.pdf   code   Asst 3 due,
  Asst 4 out
Thu June 7   Hash Tables   12-hashtables.pdf   code  
Fri June 8   Interfaces   13-interfaces.pdf   code (Lec.14)  

Mon June 11   Priority Queues   14-priorqs.pdf   code   Asst 5 out
Tue June 12   Restoring Invariants   15-resinvs.pdf   code (Lec.15)   Asst 4 due
Wed June 13   Binary Search Trees   16-bst.pdf   code  
Thur June 14   AVL Trees   17-avl.pdf   code   Asst 6 out
Fri June 15   Midterm 2   mt2.pdf   sample solution   Asst 5 due,

Mon June 18   Polymorphism   18-poly.pdf   code   Asst 6 due,
  Asst 7 out
Tue June 19   Polymorphism   19-poly.pdf   code
Wed June 20   Memory Management   21-mem.pdf   code  
Thu June 21   Generic Data Structures   22-generic.pdf   code   Asst 8 out
Fri June 22   Function pointers and the Virtual Machines   23-c0vm.pdf   code   Asst 7 due

Mon June 25   Virtual Machines   23-c0vm.pdf   code  
Tues June 26   Tries   24-tries.pdf   code  
Wed June 27   Spanning Trees   26-spanning.pdf   none  
Thu June 28   Union-Find   27-unionfind.pdf   code  
Fri June 29   Final 1:00pm-4:00pm, UC McConomy    

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